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wayf(x) is the nation’s premier agency specializing in digital and financial growth. We work with innovative startups and aspiring market leaders, helping them bring projects to life and achieve maximum reach and profitability.

Raised $3M

Increased Revenue

Raised $400K

Connecting Thousands
with Jobs

We work hand-in-hand with clients, blending creativity, technical expertise and innovative marketing techniques to overcome any challenge.

Client / Candor

Democratizing health insurance

The goal of Candor, a national health insurance exchange, is to be the insurance companion of every American. The launch required more than just a fit with their culture, It required a dedication to rapid growth. Candor continues to rely on wayf(x) for all their marketing projects from asset creation to search engine optimization.

Client / SecurityFlare

Protecting the Internet

SecurityFlare, a leading cybersecurity company, was experiencing slow growth due to competitive pressures in their market. Wayf(x) created, implemented, and refined a marketing strategy that resulted in a dramatic increase in their growth and revenue stream.

Client / Noble

Reducing the cost of credit card acceptance

Noble, a revolutionary merchant services provider, chose wayf(x) to launch their startup. Wayf(x) developed a stunning digital prototype that evolved into Noble’s product, prepared the company for its round of Series AA financing, and oversaw the raising of $400,000 in initial capital.

Client / QLS1

Putting Americans to work

QLS1, a specialist in hospitality staffing, has been with us for more than two years. We’ve collaborated with them to create their website and the site for their subsidiary, WorkforceBP, maximizing their online presence. We currently manage all of their Internet properties as well as their applicant tracking and search engine optimization.

wayf(x) collaborates with your in-house team to learn your vision, business and corporate culture, and then provide high-end digital services to get your startup rolling and/or accelerate your growth rapidly.

Startup & Takeoff

We work quickly and effectively, helping startups launch successfully and working with organizations to maximize their growth.

Fine tune your message

We formulate and execute
simple-to-understand, compelling
messaging to optimize acquisition of investors, customers and leads.

Compel your target audience
to take action

We combine proven psychological
calls-to-action with sophisticated technical methods to produce eye-popping conversion rates, ROI and profits.

Express your unique organizational culture

We help clients define their mission,
values and goals, and show them how to create and build a unifying corporate culture.

Build your prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)

We collaborate with clients to turn a promising concept into a thriving

Build a sense of community around your brand

We create brand and product awareness, building the “buzz” behind most of the 21st century’s greatest business success stories.

Grow your company

We craft and execute a complete online marketing plan, utilizing all major web-based and social media platforms to create a dominant online presence.

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